No Place Like House

by Ten Sleep

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NO PLACE LIKE HOUSE was recorded in October of 2014.


released March 31, 2015

Ten Sleep is: Kynan Forsberg//Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Rob LaPlante//Drums, Vocals, Percussion

NO PLACE LIKE HOUSE was recorded by Todd Barriage at Borland Studios in Trenton, Ontario. Mixed and produced by Ten Sleep and Todd Barriage. Mastered by Todd Barriage. All music written and performed by Ten Sleep. Album artwork by Grace Dixon.

Ten Sleep would like to thank their amazing family, friends, fans, Todd, Grace, Daniel, Travis, Mathijs, people who support independent artists and everyone who has helped us to continue to do what we love.



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Ten Sleep Ontario

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Track Name: May
Two left feet and only one more step,
Jumping streams and trying not to slip,
It's in the air
You feel so overwhelmed and you just say,
"I can't just jump in now."

Little suns scatter the empty creek,
Free to leave to anywhere they please
but they don't go.
They sit and stare with me as I stare back,
I see the way they see.

Say what you want, humidity shows,
wrapping you up, down to your toes
It's what you want, you'll have to wait,
you can't always go swimming in May

Spending your time counting away,
the days seem to go slower this way.
It's what you want, you'll have to wait,
you can't always go swimming in May.

It's in the way you stare at my blank face
and how you move, I can't react the same.
You seem so cool
You hold your chin up high with no restrain
Your face is full of life

You go out and I follow you in,
There are days like this that stretch you thin.
Without a doubt
it's been like this before and you just say,
"I think I like March more."
Track Name: Yellow Paper
You cross my mind like it's a roadway.
Keep walking by, I just sit and wait
for your return
into my life.

We spent some time teaching each other
what we would like to be discovered.
Learning the paths,
it took to get here.

Lighter tones,
Warmer glow,
You should know.
Inner light,
Shines all night,
You're alright.

We climbed the trees not just to get high,
reaching to see - see what we can find.
Hiding above,
holding on tight.

I oversleep, while you move freely,
it's hard to keep, from being friendly.
Your words are clear.
My thoughts are vague.
Track Name: Table Talk
You seem to count down the days
we have left
to stay the same.

Change tries to take us away,
it loves to wait
when we are late.

We sleep in the holes we make,
we don't wake
until it's OK.

Only living to create,
a chance to stay,
to stay the same.

You love to choose.
You choose to love.
Track Name: Mesopotamia
All night we hold so tightly.
On beaches we tread lightly.
It's in the ocean breeze, it's a calming tease,
seduces you, too.
With your salty eyes, still can't see the tide.
It seems to pull you.

I say hi while you wave bye.
I try not to sigh this time.
There are no reasons left for you to leave,
you shouldn't go yet.
If I could just say so, I would let you know,
you should've known.
Track Name: Hideaway
Float around like you've been here,
your feet are light so steer.
We'll run through trees heads down,
the trace of steps unfound.

Branches break up falling lights,
so stay right behind a sigh.
A sense of solitude,
the prize of gratitude.

You know, you know this.
You know, you know, you know this.

We sit between the noise above
below the silence we think of.
The awkwardness around
has fleeted us.

A comfort unlike soft pillows,
a feeling of a home -
a place to lose it all,
intrigue the right to stop.

Hoping there's more than the places we go, we go to hideaway.
Quietly quitting and doing more inside a day.
Track Name: Sunslinger
A pocket in the clouds
stows away the sun.
She's hiding from the sky,
her voice will be sung.

When I listen everyday
to the colours that I see.
She asks me for my name
and I ask them the same.

And she's a loaded sun, slinging the hearts she's won.
'Cause you're a loaded sun, slinging the hearts you've won.

Whittle at the thought
of losing all control.
Putting on your socks
but taking off your feet.

Walk towards the bridge
where water touches sky.
She sets into the sea
and leaves us to believe.

It's not like what we've read before,
so much we have yet to explore.